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This Autumn Winter 2020, Stine Goya captures the essence of artists Christo & Jeanne Claude’s drive to create, build and realise projects which have a direct & profound impact on our immediate surroundings and the people who interact in and around these public spaces.

The artists believe first and foremost, the purpose of art is joy and beauty - they desire to overwhelm and reveal elements of reality which are often lost in the everyday of life. This methodology is shared by Stine Goya, who through this collection and the many seasons before, has set out to design for impact - to design with purpose - and to design with the wearer at the centre of her process.

Christo & Jeanne Claude’s wrapped buildings are “[a] revelation through concealment” an approach embraced within the collection where construction, fabric manipulation and texture are expertly handled to similar effect. Volume is accentuated through materials and structural drawstring details - NIKITA dress in taffeta - mirroring wrapped structures with rope fastenings. Classic shapes - DAMAI, ELMA and KIN - are reworked to drape, gather and frame more elegantly. New styles are introduced - COURTNEY & BRIETTA with leather stitching accents in recycled polyester - skim and highlight forms for that second-skin feeling. The outerwear offering expands and envelopes the wearer in bold prints and tech finishings - TAMARA puffer, CHRISTEL wool jacket & TANIT quilted coat.

True to the Stine Goya DNA, hand painted & drawn prints are once again individualised with quirky details to the style and universe of this season’s inspiration. The undulating waves of the Horizon print - a reference to the artist 1974 work “Valley Curtain” - available in blush tones and a more sombre navy palette with lace insert are a departure from the floral offering of seasons past. While the City print - an imagined exploration of Copenhagen through the eyes of Christo & Jeanne Claude, captures the synergy between their world and the Goya universe - the penmanship of their detailed sketches, vivid colour palette and their singular vision to force individuals to confront reality.

This season - through the eyes of Christo & Jeanne Claude - Stine Goya both literally and figuratively, captivates its audience and customers with a fresh offering, to redefine expectations and expand our visual language for many seasons to come.