“Colour has always been in the core of my creativity. It is defining me as a designer. And in many ways also as a person.  

I’m dressing in colours. I’m surrounded by colours in my studio and home. Art that I love has a colourful attitude. Colours catch my eye before anything else. Colours set the mood for me. 

For more than 15 years I have shown my design universe to people from all over the world, and I always get the same reaction. They feel welcomed and invited. They smile and show confidence. They tell me that colours make them feel uplifted. Positive. Optimistic.

This is the nature and power of colour.

Colours are a palette of expression. A tool to communicate and create interaction.

Cultural codes tend to make us believe that dressing muted and anonymous is easier and more comfortable as it doesn’t call for attention. That it even can make you look more serious and reliable. I think the opposite. I prefer colours to express confidence. 

An influential woman once told me, that she wears boldly coloured dresses as a statement of authenticity and courage when she does public appearances and announcements. The more controversial the more impactful colours she wears.

I want to inspire everybody to do the same. Use colours to show individuality. To show who you are. No matter your nationality, gender, or religion. 

Therefore, a more colourful life makes sense to me. In the very literal way in how you dress, but also in a more metaphorical way. 

A more colourful life is a life more diverse and inclusive. A life where people have the confidence to express individuality. A life with joy and optimism enlightened by colours.

But it is also a life striving to create better balance. A life with a healthier interaction between private and professional life. A life with less fossil and more green energy sources. With less pollution that discolour and disrupt our oceans, forests, and cities. 

‘A more colourful life’ is all about inviting colours into your life, into your choices and your way of living. It might take some courage to step out of your comfort zone, but I know it will move you forward, and cherish you. 

Try it.”

Stine Goya,
Founder & Creative Director